Hi there! My name is Joel Masselink and I am a geospatial specialist. For a few years now, I have worked as an independent consultant with my consulting business Earth Logic LLC. Consulting allows me to work closely with clients like conservation nonprofits, companies, and international development organizations on curating geospatial data and developing customized solutions for their projects.

My Career

I previously worked for Vulcan’s Impact Engineering team (also in Seattle) on the Great Elephant Census and EarthRanger projects, and for Wildlife Conservation Society in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. My work has involved managing, analyzing, and visualizing massive datasets related to wildlife surveys, and protected area geospatial data.

Check out my resume for more details about my career.

I enjoy using Mapbox developer-centered tools and I am newly registered with the Mapbox Developer Network. I am a proud member of OpenStreetMap US and the Society for Conservation GIS. I enjoy working on MissingMaps / Humanitarian OpenStreetMap projects, open source GIS, and honing my Python, SQL, R, and JavaScript skills.


In my spare time, I am a volunteer board member and treasurer with Tusubira, a nonprofit organization which supports education and women’s empowerment in eastern Uganda. My role includes bookkeeping, fundraising, and coordinating with our Uganda-based partners.

I supported a small group of digital humanitarians who support LUCHA (Lutte pour la Changement), a Congolese pro-democracy and peacemaking network, in deploying Ushahidi to monitor election-related abuses.

Lately, I’ve enjoyed contributing to OpenStreetMap - a free, editable, and usable map of the world. Together with a small group of conservationists from MapHubs and Mapbox, we forked the OpenStreetMap tasking manager to organize environment-focused mapping projects at OSM.earth.

Additionally, I’m registered on the MissingMaps Support page, and ready to assist with corporate mapathons.

-> here’s my OpenStreetMap user profile: mbela
-> here’s my How did you contribute to OpenStreetMap? user profile courtesy of Pascal Neis

Outside of work

Outside of work, I like to travel, take care of your pets, watch birds, read, exercise, hike, and watch sports. I also enjoy hanging around with my lovely wife, Carol, my young daughter, and my old friends.

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